Nebula Wars

Lead your lost fleet out of the Cryptos Nebula!

Blast off into uncharted space for the ride of your life!

Deep in the center of the galaxy lies the unexplored Cryptos Nebula. As leader of Earth’s expedition force, you and your team will be the first to discover the secrets of this mysterious region. But no sooner do you emerge from hyperspace when your fleet gets separated by an unknown force! Now it’s a race against time to find the rest of your fleet and get out alive.

Yet you soon discover that you’re not alone. Ancient creatures that live in interstellar space call this nebula their home, and they aren’t happy with your intrusion. Are they behind your missing vessels? Fend off these gigantic nebula viruses and sonic parasites as you dodge deadly ice shards. Lead your fleet out of the nebula and get your crew home alive.

Can you survive the dangers of the great unknown?


  • Play as all 4 ships in your missing fleet
  • Fire biotic bolts with cool firing graphics and sounds
  • Brave the nebula to an eerie outer space theme
  • Play against your friends with multiplayer Game Center support
  • Rank on the Game Center leaderboard
  • Enjoy innovative and contagious gameplay: touch the left side of the screen to move and the right side to shoot
  • Explosive Retina graphics
  • Optimized for iPhone 5