Run, Dragon Baby!

Collect magic gems to defeat the evil Fire Lord!

Baby dragons are always getting into mischief.

When your dad is the King of Dragons, you can get away with pretty much anything. You don’t even have to take hot lava baths every night!

But while you and your pals were off exploring, the evil Fire Lord has cast a sleeping spell on all the dragons in the kingdom. Now the only way to wake everyone up is to collect all the magic gems hidden in the Fire Lord’s lair — an active volcano! But that’s ok, because you’re a dragon baby. You eat fire for breakfast! And burp it back out in an explosive attack that sears anything in your way!

Run through underground caverns, dodge magma traps, and hop boiling lava lakes to collect all the gems and break the evil Fire Lord’s spell. The fate of Dragon Kingdom rests in your tiny claws!


  • Choose from 3 different “Dragonlings”
  • Burp molten fire at your enemies with cool firing graphics and sounds
  • Heat things up with an addictive hip-hop underworld beat
  • Play against your friends with multiplayer Game Center support
  • Rank on the Game Center leaderboard
  • Enjoy innovative and addictive gameplay: touch the left side of the screen to jump and the right side to breathe fire
  • Face-melting Retina graphics
  • Optimized for iPhone 5