When the going gets tough, the tough get hopping.

Meet Outback Roo and the Wallabies, a family of Australian kangaroos. All the Wallabies have one thing in common: they just love hopping! And the hoppingest time of the year comes every summer, at the great migration.

Romp with Outback Roo as he and his family bounce to their heart’s content all the way across the desert. But watch out for cactuses! Don’t land on their spiky leaves or you’ll spend the rest of the day pulling thorns out of your rump! That’s no fun! Stay quick and everyone can celebrate the end of a long day with a didgeridoo barbecue!

Time to put your hopping shoes on. Are you a Wallaby, or a wannabe?


  • Choose from a large cast of quirky kangaroos characters
  • Hop ‘til you drop against an expansive Australian background
  • Enjoy your Down Under travels with an addictive aboriginal beat
  • Play against your friends with multiplayer Game Center support
  • Rank on the Game Center leaderboard
  • Blistering Retina graphics
  • Optimized for iPhone 5