When I was six, I found a mysterious present underneath the Christmas tree. Unwilling to wait a week and see if it was the Nintendo I had been begging my parents for, my friend Ryan and I took off for the nearest toy store to measure one of their Nintendo boxes with a ruler. Sure enough, when we compared it to the dimensions of the mystery box at home, they matched exactly! Awesome!

Most of us here at Surf City have similar stories about our lifelong love of gaming. So we make games that tap into the visceral joys of the kid in us all: Nettle the sassy fairy popping bubbles is as satisfying and strangely addictive as popping bubble wrap. The little squeal that you hear when hotshot pilot Bluug blasts a Martian with his plasma cannon, or the quick flash of skeleton that appears when you harpoon a dangerous sea creature in Scuba Safari (who knew jellyfish even had skeletons?) still make us laugh every time.

Those are the little moments we love and that’s why Surf City Games focuses on the three Cs: characters, cwality, and cwirkiness.

Hey, we didn’t say we were great spellers. But we do make great games.